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Title : 5G Zombies
Release : 2020
Stars : Shawn C. Phillips,
Genre : Horror

OK, so I understand that people need to make a living and am not judging here, well ok, just a little, but these people are not actors, not even close. I can only assume that this is sadly some sort of huge joke. Although it is pretty frightening that someone, well anyone, actually brought it to screen (Facebook).Making the scene here…. It touches on a subject that is fresh in people’s minds amidst the Covid-19 ‘crisis’ we are currently in. You know, certain people who believe everything they read on social media, are clearly unable to think for themselves and head off to burn down 5G Cell Towers because someone told them they cause the virus. Any person with an ounce of intelligence would realise that this is physically impossible. These small minded people do just use it as an excuse to commit violence and criminal damage.So, someone goes out and sticks together a ‘movie’ (I use this term extremely loosely) not to mock these people and install a little sense into them but to support their ludicrous beliefs. Well, it was Facebook so that explains it all really, after all, let these dumb articles loose on their site then go string a load of nonsense together and release it. Actually makes me wonder if the Facebook Execs behind this release orchestrated the ‘Fake News’ about the 5G Towers themselves as the ‘movie’ was on imminent release?!?It may have very well been made tongue in cheek but it does not come across as such in any way shape or form. On top of the totally abysmal acting, sorry but probably the worst I have ever seen, terrible script and sensitive subject (due to some people being beyond dumb and swallowing all they read), this truly is the worst thing I have ever, ever watched. Sorry to say but this may be a career killer for some of those involved which no one wishes of course but choices were made by said people, theirs not ours!Please do yourselves a favour and stand there clapping for the HNS for 97 minutes instead, you may be totally exhausted after this time but trust me you will not regret the decision. 🙁

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