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Title : [HI] Sapoot
Release : 1996 [HINDI]
Stars :
Genre : Action, Crime

Singhania big hearten Don who does not like to trade in drugs and other illegal business which does not go well with his rivals Dhaneshwar and Tejeshwar.Singhania’s older son Raj is taking care of his business,While is younger son Prem is a Casanova.Dhaneshwar is killed by Singhania when he attacks on Raj.Kantiilal and Samsher trusted aide of Singhania’s betray him and he gets killed by them and Tejeshwar.Raj and Prem now decide to take his legacy forward.Prem joins police force but is eliminating enemies of Raj.But soon realizes he is going against law and decides to part ways from Raj.Thus creating rift between the brothers.

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