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Title : Message of Hope
Release : 2014
Stars :
Genre : Drama

Six children–three girls, three boys–living in a well-off community grow up with the benefits and luxuries that come with their birthright. They attend a Christian school where faithful Pastor Anne teaches them Biblical studies. But except for one girl, Sarah’s, compassionate efforts, many of the poor in the surrounding suburbs are left forgotten and ignored by the materialistic and wealthy yet uncaring adults, especially Sarah’s father James, who is hardened by the world around him. Although the children attend a Christian school, Sarah’s views are widely uncommon among her friends, except for John, who pays close attention to her every move. The two form a spiritual bond, one they hope to maintain forever as someday Heaven awaits. When they are 18-year-old high-school seniors, Sarah feels rejected by the world around her, with the exception of John and Mr. Henshaw, a homeless man she befriends. But after Mr. Henshaw’s untimely passing, tragedy suddenly hits when another of the …

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