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Title : [VI] Choi Thi Chiu
Release : 2017 [VIETNAMESE]
Stars :
Genre : Comedy

Well, I had the chance to sit down now in 2020 to watch the 2017 Vietnamese movie “Choi Thi Chiu”. And I virtually had no idea what I was in for here with this movie, but I assumed it was a romantic comedy.I must admit that 25 minutes into the movie I was just lost. There simply were too many random characters to keep track of, and none of them were really given enough of a storyline or screen time for me to get acquainted with them. That was a major setback to the movie, because it took away a lot of enjoyment from the movie. It just felt confusing and way too random.The storyline was adequate enough, I suppose, but given the random chaotic mess of characters, then I quickly lost interest in the movie’s storyline, because I literally had only a vague idea of what was actually going on. I had no idea what the writer and director of this movie set out to accomplish.As for the acting in the movie, well first of all, I wasn’t familiar with a single actor or actress that performend in “Choi Thi Chui”, so that was at least something. But given the fact that they had nothing to work with in terms of proper characters of a wholehearted storyline, then I must admit that I lost interest in what was transpiring on the screen.I didn’t enjoy “Choi Thi Chui” and my rating of it is a mere three out of ten stars. And I suppose you should be Vietnamese to really grasp the concept of this movie and get something enjoyable out of it. A swing and a miss of a movie.

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